Break-through product for tyre fitters

Changing tires is a dirty hands job by anyone's standards.

Wearing gloves is always a good option, but practically it doesn’t always happen if you're moving from outside to inside the office, shuffling paperwork, attending to customers across the desk, and speaking on the phone, and working on tyres too.

That black grime gets into your hands and it’s just plain difficult to scrub out and wash off.

And washing and scrubbing your hands is tough on your skin too, so a lot of tyre fitters have trouble with some dermatitis, especially in winter.

NatraPower Hand Shield is made to solve this problem. It’s a fast absorbing and non-greasy feeling barrier cream that works for 4-6 hours, even if  you wash your hands. NatraPower is made with non-toxic natural ingredients that create an invisible barrier in your skin that prevents dirt and grime from getting into your skin.

Aloe Vera and Jojoba are among the skin friendly ingredients inside NatraPower Hand Shield that help to heal, strengthen and rejuvenate your skin too.

Tyre fitters across the industry are embracing NatraPower with both hands and recommending it as a major break-through in personal care & protection for the health and safety of workers.

It’s also saving time and money at the sink with shorter clean-up times and a lot less soap used too.