Tradies - So what happens to your hands when the gloves come off?

Everybody at some stage gets their hands dirty at work or at home.

For some, it is only when there is an occasional gardening project on a weekend or perhaps if the tyre goes flat on the way home from work.

But for most tradesmen, it’s just part of their everyday job. For anyone in the building industry, particularly commercial painters, bricklayers, concreters and plasterers, it’s often only at the start or end of the day that  they can get to see their hands clean.

And every tradesman uses their hands to get the job done and invariably that means getting them dirty. Take Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, Landscapers, or Tilers for example.

With automotive workers including engine mechanics, tyre fitters, and service/repair workers it’s inevitable that you’ll be in contact with grease, oil, and otherwise dirty machine components as a part of their daily routine, and many are already acquainted with the long lasting smell of diesel or solvent in their hands too.

Other industries that are very hands on include primary producers like farming, mining and mineral processing. And there’s lots of manufacturers for paint, concrete, bitumen, plaster, glue, sealants and a multitude of service industries like cleaning, food & hospitality, laboratories, fitting  & machining, printing that are included.

Now it’s all about looking after these hands, and preventing them from deteriorating when your constantly in contact with a wide range of potentially harmful chemicals that can harm, stain and penetrate into or adhere to your. 

NatraPower Hand Shield Cream was formulated for exactly this purpose. It’s like a liquid glove, which with its natural skin friendly ingredients absorbs into the skin and acts as an invisible barrier. The skin becomes resistant to adhesion and strong odours and protected against hundreds of skin irritating chemicals.

An the skin nourishing ingredients inside NatraPower Hand Shield helps restore damaged skin and gives it a chance to heal and repair.

Used by hundreds of satisfied users, we’ve protected working hands all over the country with lasting results.