Hand and Skin protection in the Automotive industry grimy subject, because many Auto mechanics aren’t in favour of gloves that compromise their dexterity, especially when they’re feeling blind around an engine body or parts to remove or install something - and they can’t actually see it.

But Automotive is often a grimy job and there’s plenty of grease, oil, diesel or petrol to soak into your skin and under your nails. Getting it off means plenty of scrubbing and usually a strong solvent based hand cleaner to boot. But, the unmistakeable smell of diesel will usually linger around for a few hours afterwards and one look at your nails will generally tell anyone where you’ve been today!

Within a few days the skin tends to dry out and pretty soon shows the signs of wear and tear, not just from the grease and grime but also the from all the washing and scrubbing.

NatraPower Instant Glove cream provides exactly what an auto-mechanic needs - Keeping their full dexterity, whilst improving the clean-up and protecting their hands.

Mechanics have used NatraPower for years and speak highly of its effectiveness, with and many can vouch for the time saving and improvement that Hand Shield has made - not only to their hands, but to their lives! Many with a prior history of chronic skin conditions have found huge relief using Hand Shield, and for many their skin condition has been completely eliminated.

NatraPower is used in all of the available sizes in the automotive industry, including  the 30g and 150g tubes, the 500mL pump, and the 800mL wall dispenser.

For glove wearers, the NatraPower Instant Glove cream is a unique solution because it provides a secondary barrier under the physical glove to resist chemicals and water ingress. And it strengthens and nourishes the hands inside that skin-sweating environment. 


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