Cleaners and Janitors do the hard yards when it comes to using their hands, and there’s plenty of chemicals and water to exacerbate a skin problem too.

Many cleaners also confront and deal with challenging unsanitary conditions on a daily basis, so preventing the spread of bugs is at a premium. It’s not always possible to use a pair of gloves the whole time (if you do it creates another skin problem anyway), but what is critical is that any bugs that come in contact with the hands get removed before passing them on and spreading them.

NatraPower Handshield Instant Gloves prevents harsh cleaning chemicals and antibacterial solutions from getting into the skin, and provides the hands with a barrier against the constant  wet and damp conditions that hands experience when cleaning.

Cleaning contractors prefer the mobile 150mL tube or 500mL pump size for NatraPower Instant Glove, which comfortably fits inside a cleaning trolley drawer or on the top shelf. Heavy cleaning will require reapplication of Instant Glove every 3-4 hours to ensure optimal hand protection.

For glove wearers, the NatraPower Instant Glove cream is a unique solution because it provides a secondary barrier under the physical glove to resist chemicals and water ingress. And it strengthens and nourishes the hands inside that skin-sweating environment.


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