Hand and Skin protection in the Hair & Beauty Industry is a touchy subject, and there’s lots of professionals who need better hand care. There’s so many toxic and skin-harming chemicals used in the fashion industry like tints, bleaches, chemical peels, disinfectants, dyes, tanning solutions, adhesives, colouring and styling products, shampoos, peroxides, wax solvents and more. Not to mention the constant the hand washing and the glove sweating issues…

Salon professionals can get staining and skin irritation issues with the products they use. In fact, 70% of them suffer from some form of skin damage or dermatitis during their career.

NatraPower Instant Glove offers a classic solution to all of these issues in the hair and beauty industry. Firstly, NatraPower creates a barrier that prevents chemicals from getting into the hands and skin. This makes makes the clean-up far easier, effective and desirable too. Secondly, NatraPower restores damaged skin and protects the hands against further deterioration.

With many hair and beauty specialists, the NatraPower Instant Glove has improved their hands and lives to such an extent it’s become an essential part of their everyday life. The popular sizes are the 150mL tube  which comfortably fits inside a bag, or the 500mL pump which gets placed centrally in the salon, on or near work bench.

For glove wearers, the NatraPower Instant Glove cream is a unique solution because it provides a secondary barrier under the physical glove to resist chemicals and water ingress. And it strengthens and nourishes the hands inside that skin-sweating environment.


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