Those who have any experience in the food and hospitality industry know what it’s like for their hands to get wet, stained and smelly from a wide variety of food products and cleaning processes that they are involved in every day.

From preparing beetroot to garlic, Red Onion to pumpkin, fish to wine there’s a fair selection of popular foods that can leave the hands stained and smelling.

Food sanitation is at a premium too, so operators need to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly too. Before too long, many find that their hands suffer from the frequent periods of exposure to wet, damp conditions and washing up chemicals.

This a challenge that Natralus has risen to with their recently released fragrance free version of NatraPower Instant Glove, which is a suitable for use in the food processing industry. This remarkable food-safe product will last for 4-6 hours and effectively protect the hands against the penetration of stains or odours, even with occasional washing.

Users of Hand Shield Instant Glove have remark that their hands are not only easier to wash, but also that the bacteria count on their hands was measurably lower after washing, when Hands Shield had been first applied before handling the food. 

With many food handlers, the NatraPower Instant Glove the popular sizes are the 150mL tube  which comfortably fits inside a bag or satchel, or the 800mL wall dispenser that can be accessed by all staff as they enter the working area.

For glove wearers, the NatraPower Instant Glove cream is a unique solution because it provides a secondary barrier under the physical glove to resist chemicals and water ingress. And it strengthens and nourishes the hands inside that skin-sweating environment.


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