Mining is a tough industry and there are plenty of reasons why hand Shield is a favourite at Mine Sites.

There’s plenty of dirt, grime, aggressive chemicals, and process water in Mining. Whether you’re working underground or on the surface, there’s an abundance of applications around mobile machinery, fixed plant, and/or processing equipment in both operational and maintenance roles that require hand and skin protection.

Physical gloves provide specific and critical mechanical protection to for preventing injury, but it’s very difficult a gloves to be effective where there are multiple hazards like those frequently found in mining. Take for example, a physical impact hazard plus liquids or chemicals together. And, gloves don’t nourish the skin.

NatraPower Instant Glove cream is a unique solution for glove wearers because it provides a secondary barrier under the physical glove to resist chemicals and water ingress. And it strengthens and nourishes the hands inside that skin-sweating glove. 

Mining & Mineral Processing Industries have identified the clear benefits of NatraPower Instant Glove and companies are implementing it into their HSE protocols and mandating its use for staff.

Mining staff use all sizes of the NatraPower Instant Glove, with individuals often packing the 30mL tube in their pocket or the 150mL with their tools. Mining workshops make use of the 800mL wall dispenser that can be accessed by all staff as they enter a working area, and many also use the 500mL pump size on workbenches or tables in the immediate vicinity of their work.


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