Painters and Plasterers use NatraPower Instant Glove each day, to protect their hands against paint, plaster and stains getting in and sticking to their skin.

We all know what it’s like to have paint stuck on your hands for a few hours and how tedious it can be to get it off afterwards. It’s harsh on your skin, and when you’re roughing up your hands to get them clean at the end of each day your hands it’s a punishing they don’t need.

That’s why NatraPower works so well, preventing the paint, stain and plasters  from penetrating into the skin, and making it a breeze to clean up.

If you’re using turps or any other solvents when washing up, your hands might be clean, but they will also be totally stripped of moisture (welcome dermatitis) -  and they’ll stink for hours afterwards!

NatraPower prevents strong odours from getting into the skin, so these strong smelling solvents just won’t stay around on your hands to be noticed … by you or anyone else.

And the Natural, skin-friendly ingredients in NatraPower prevent your hands from drying out, so you’ve got better hands at the start and the finish of your day!

Painters and Plasterers like a handy size when it comes to NatraPower Instant glove. The pocket size 30g and tool box size 150g tubes are the most popular in the trade, although a few use the larger 500mL pump dispenser too.


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