Metal Fabricator Review

"As a metal fabricator for thirty years, my hands looked beyond repair. My hands were awful; cracked, sore and bleeding. I tried everything under the sun. Nothing worked until I found HandShield. Within a few weeks my hands were transformed. No more cracks, no more dryness, and dirt easily washed off with soap and water. A definite 200% improvement!" - Rob, Sheet Metal Fabricator

Baker Review

"Myself and my son both suffer from dermatitis. My son is a baker and his dermatitis was so bad he was considering quitting his profession. I gave him a bottle of HandShield that i won in a competition that he subsequently used. The improvement in his hands has been so good he's been able to continue working" - Trish

Dairy Farmer Review

"After a couple of hard days work on the farm, my hands would start to crack and then bleed. Nothing that my doctor prescribed seemed to work. My doctor recommended that i sell my farm and do something different to fix my hand problem. HandShield fixed it in a few weeks. I can't believe it after seventeen years of trying everything under the sun" - Garry, Dairy Farmer

"I have only just started using this product and I have found it working almost instantly! I used to have quite bad hands, cracking and splitting, but once I started using this HandShield, they have started to heal up properly. Another thing I find is my skin doesn't break as easily when i knock my hands. I use it everyday now. Definitely a good product and would recommend to all farmers" - Bradley Archer, Dairy Farmer

Mechanic Review

"I've tried everything but never been impressed. Normally all sorts of solvents, oils, grease from old suspensions, brake dust - all grind in while I'm working. After one week's use of HandShield I found that it's easier to clean my hands. It's not greasy and I've noticed I have softer and definitely cleaner hands. After using a lot of solvents at work which you need to reapply, I found after applying HandShield my hands are easier to clean and remain cleaner" - John, Mechanic

"I have been using HandShield Liquid Gloves for many years. I have tried many other types of similar products - some protected hands very well but left them greasy, some dried and absorbed quickly but did not work well or for very long, others were combinations of the above in varying degrees. In my experience Hand Shield gives the best combination of protection, moisturising and non-greasiness. I use Hand Shield before work in the morning and after each time i wash my hands while at work. As I frequently work on diesel engines and work with solvents and heavy-duty hand cleaners my hands are prone to ingrained grime, cracking and dermatitis particularly during the colder months. Since using Hand Shield on a regular basis my hands are in much better condition, no painful cracks and virtually no ingrained grime. I wouldn't do without it" - Don Diesel, Mechanic

"I've been a beautician for the past seven years and I have found HandShield an amazing product in my salon. I have irritations to a lot of moisturisers I use, but with HandShield as a barrier it's been a wonderful product. I use HandShield in my salon prior to spray tanning and use it as a moisturiser after i've waxed most of my clients who have skin irritations. It's an amazing product for myself and it's been an assest to my business" - Debbie, Beauty Therapist

"I've been a hairdresser for the past 15 years. Prior to using HandShield I got dermatitis; I tried every single cream and lotion. As a hairdresser I use dyes, bleach and ammonia on a daily basis. I find when I use HandShield I don't need to put gloves on. It protects my hands from colour staining and dryness. HandShield Liquid Glove is a fantastic product, I also use it on my colour clients to protect their skin from staining." - Julie, Hairdresser

Customer Review

"I am in my 60's an have very thin skin on my hands. They look terrible as i am always knocking or scratching them. I had given up on hand creams to help until I used NatraPower HandShield. I can honestly say this product is amazing. It really does work and protects my hands more than anything I have tried before. My hands look and feel 100% better! Definitely, recommend this product! - Anne

"The product protects my hands when I am using harsh chemicals & I don't even need to reapply for several hours even if i have washed my hands over & over again... My wife is a beauty therapist and she uses the product to protect her skin from the harsh chemicals that she uses and to moisturise... Great Aussie Product! - Sam Lucci

"I really love this product as I am in the medical field and need to wash my hands constantly. This product is great to use as it's like an invisible glove which protects hands from dryness. Would highly recommend for people with dry hands. Easy to use and lasts 4 hours. Non greasy and protects hands."

"Purchased this with a certain amount of reservation but was plesantly surprised at how good it worked" - F Glumer

" I really love this product as I am in the medical field and need to wash my hands constantly. This product is great to use as it's like an invisible glove which protects hands from dryness. Would highly recommend for people with dry hands. Easy to use and last 4 hours. Non-greasy and protects hands. " - Anonymous

"Goes on good and did minimize skin cracking while I was wearing it gardening. Also protected my skin on fingers while painting... Overall still pleased as my skin was in better condition after all these jobs than on times I did this work previously and wasn't wearing liquid gloves" - C Golding

"Being in the metal manufacturing industry we were looking for a hand barrier cream that was easy to use, provide protection to the skin, and the ease to wash off. NatraPower HandShield met the criteria" - Eric Trimback

"I suffer from contact dermatitis. I am a dog groomer and shampoo up to 10 dogs a day. When I am stressed I am likely to break out with dermatitis blemishes on my hands, from unsightly to downright painful, depending on how long they are left for. When I use HandShield every 2 hours or so (remember i am constantly washing my hands) I can keep the dermatitis at bay and then being healing as it no longer has irritants affecting it. Cortisone is the only other topical solution to my dermatological issue and those who know anything about cortisone, it is not something you can continue to use after 7 days. The cream felt good and is completely absorbed into the skin with no oily residue and it has a subtle but nice scent too. I have even used it healing big tattoos! Great way to keep the skin moistened for hours at a time when you just don't have the time to moisturise every hour or so" - Anonymous

Machine Shop Review

"The product... Well we have tried many hand shield products. We have some staff that have eczema and react to some products or find them ineffective. NatraPower has been our hand shield of choice for all departments. It has a nice fragrance, isn't greasy and best of all works amazingly. We have guys in the machine shop that can work on machines all day where their hands are subject to all sorts of grime, chemicals and fluid yet after washing their hands you would think they worked in an office... Fantastic product we won't use anything else" - Mel Barton