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  • Rob Sheet Metal Fabricator, SA

    “As a metal fabricator for thirty years, my hands looked beyond repair. My hands were awful; cracked, sore and bleeding. I tried everything under the sun. Nothing worked until I found HandShield®. Within a few weeks my hands were transformed. No more cracks, no more dryness, and dirt easily washed off with soap and water. A definite 200% improvement!”

  • Trish VIC

    “Myself and my son both suffer from dermatitis. My son is a baker and his dermatitis was so bad he was considering quitting his profession. I gave him a bottle of HandShield® that I won in a competition that he subsequently used. The improvement in his hands has been so good he’s been able to continue working.”

  • Garry Dairy Farmer, VIC

    “After a couple of hard days work on the farm, my hands would start to crack and then bleed. Nothing that my doctor prescribed seemed to work. My doctor recommended that I sell my farm and then do something different to fix my hand problem. HandShield® fixed it in a few weeks. I can’t believe it after seventeen years of trying everything under the sun.”

  • John Mechanic, QLD

    “I’ve tried everything but never been impressed. Normally all sorts of solvents, oils, grease from old suspensions, brake dust - all grind in while I’m working. After one week’s use of HandShield® I found that it’s easier to clean my hands. It’s not greasy and I’ve noticed I have softer and definitely cleaner hands. After using a lot of solvents at work which you need to reapply, I found after applying HandShield® my hands are easier to clean and remain cleaner.

  • Debbie Beauty Therapist

    “I’ve been a beautician for the past seven years and I have found HandShield® an amazing product in my salon. I have irritations to a lot of moisturisers I use, but with HandShield as a barrier it’s been a wonderful product. I use HandShield in my salon prior to spray tanning and use it as a moisturiser after I’ve waxed most of my clients who have skin irritations. It’s an amazing product for myself and it’s been an asset to my business”

  • Julie Hairdresser

    “I’ve been a hairdresser for the past 15 years. Prior to using HandShield® I got dermatitis; I tried every single cream and lotion. As a hairdresser I use dyes, bleach and ammonia on a daily basis. I find when I use HandShield I don’t need to put gloves on. It protects my hands from colour staining and dryness. HandShield Instant Glove is a fantastic product; I also use it on my colour clients to protect their skin from staining.”

  • Anne

    “I am in my 60’s an have very thin skin on my hands. They look terrible as I am always knocking or scratching them. I had given up on hand creams to help until I used NatraPower HandShield. I can honestly say this product is amazing. It really does work and protects my hands more than anything I have tried before. My hands look and feel 100% better! Definitely recommend this product!”

  • Sam Lucci

    “The product protects my hands when I am using harsh chemicals & I don’t even need to reapply for several hours even if I have washed my hands over & over again… My wife is a beauty therapist and she uses the product to protect her skin from the harsh chemicals that she uses and to moisture… Great Aussie Product!”

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