NatraPower HandShield Liquid Gloves! Industrial 30g

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    The NatraPower 30mL tube is a very compact size and holds approximately 20 doses of protective hand cream.

    A great size for glove boxes, handbags, first aid kits, tool boxes....have one handy wherever and whenever you require it.


    "As a metal fabricator for thirty years, my hands looked beyond repair. My hands were awful; cracked, sore and bleeding. I tried everything under the sun. Nothing worked until I found HandShield. Within a few weeks my hands were transformed. No more cracks, no more dryness, and dirt easily washed off with soap and water. A definite 200% improvement!" - Rob, Sheet Metal Fabricator  

    "After a couple of hard days work on the farm, my hands would start to crack and then bleed. Nothing that my doctor prescribed seemed to work. My doctor recommended that i sell my farm and do something different to fix my hand problem. HandShield fixed it in a few weeks. I can't believe it after seventeen years of trying everything under the sun" - Garry, Dairy Farmer